ECU Re-Flash

Here is what Motorcycle USA had to say about ECU Re-Flash (with dyno chart) What if you could unleash the hidden potential of your motorcycle? As many of you already know, the performance of most modern day sport bikes is watered down, so to speak. The manufactures are required to do this for several reasons such as emissions, noise and speed legislation, as well as rider safety concerns. We believe that some of these measures are understandable and even appropriate considering the popularity of these motorcycles with inexperienced riders. However, the fact remains that the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are unable to provide an economical way for a builder or racer to remove these restrictions. In our own quest to provide optimum performance to our customers we did some research, and we are pleased to announce the development of a new service for our track day and racing community. This new service consists of a Re-flash of your stock ECU in order to unlock all of your bikes potential. The process is simple: Send your ECU to JETT TUNING and we will send you back your ECU Re-Flash. (This is not an exchange) While we have taken the steps to develop appropriate packages for several models already, check back if you don't see your bike on the list as more are on the way. This service is intended for competition use only. Any use on public roads is prohibited. Due to the many variables involved in high performance tuning, JETT TUNING makes no claims as to the level of increased performance. Please contact JETT TUNING for full details. $200.00 plus shipping Turn around time is 2 days 
ECU Reflash is quick and easy 1.    Print, read, sign and date our PDF release form (download by clicking here) 2.    Print under your signature a good contact phone number return mailing address, email address, and the re-flash specifications (if any) 3.    Package the form and the ECU together and send to: Jett Tuning Attn: ECU Re-Flash 590 Constitution Ave. Suite C Camarillo, CA 93012 4.    Once we receive your ECU we will call and notify you as well as ask for shipping preference and a credit card for payment. Send your ECU in today. Any questions always feel free to call 805-482-4192.
 Modification List •    Remove all Throttle Based Restrictions •    Removes all Speed and Gear Based Restrictions •    Optimized DBW Throttle Maps (both A and STD mode) using our Proprietary Direct-Spline Algorithms •    Optimized Ignition Timing •    Improved Fuel Mapping, both Performance, and Consistency •    Optimized Velocity Stack Switching Point •    Increased Rev Limit (normally 500 rpm on most bikes) •    Reduced Excessive Engine Braking •    Injector Fuel-Cut Eliminated for Off-On Throttle Smoothness •    Optimized Injector Phasing (Switching Between Primary and Secondary Injectors) •    Steering Damper Code Disabled •    Exhaust Valve Error Code Disabled Available Models: •    2012-2014 Kawasaki EX 300 •    2003-2014 Kawasaki ZX6R and ZX6RR •    2006-2008 Kawasaki EX/ER 650 •    2004-2014 Suzuki GSXR 600 /750 •    2003-2014 Suzuki GSXR 1000 •    2005-2008 Suzuki SV 1000 •    2002-2014 Suzuki Hayabusa •    2006-2014 Yamaha R6 •    2007-2014 Yamaha R1 •    2006-2014 Yamaha FZ1 •    2011-2012 Yamaha FZ 8 •    2009-2011 Yamaha V-Max •    2014-2015 Yamaha FZ 09 •    2013-2015 Yamaha XT 1200
"Just got back from a couple of days at Road Atlanta and finally had a chance to test out the reflash you guys did for my 09 R1.  The on/off throttle problem was gone, engine braking is gone, the bike responds immediately to throttle input and the additional over rev was mind blowing, it pulls like a freight train all the way through to redline!  I was pulling about 12,800 rpm through turn 9 when I was there last month, I had to change my gearing because the first session out this weekend I was hitting the rev limiter before I even bent it in.  Piped Gixxer's are no longer a problem!  ;-)Thanks for the great price and fast turn around, by far the best performance dollars I've spent on this bike so far.  I'll be telling all my Yamaha buddies!" - Jason Bishop