Jett Services

Here at Jett Tuning we can help care for your bike with everything from parts (OEM and Aftermarket), oil change, to full engine builds for racing. We do it all. We are the home of the best carb mod in California. No job is too big or too small. We specialize in all Japanese makes and Harleys and can help do basic services on Aprilia, Husqvarna, Piaggio, Vespa, and many more. We can even help you out with you water craft, scooter, or almost anything with an engine in it. We are the only major Dynojet approved tuning center in the area who can give you a performance base line for your bike as well as custom map and tune with a Power Commander. We specialize in building race motors for all motorcycle disciplines including road racing, dirt track and motocross. Here is more on just a few specialized services we provide:
ECU Re-Flash Available only for current YAMAHA models with additional make and models coming soon. We do provide discounts that cannot be found anywhere else on Power Commanders as well as full and slip on exhaust systems when you purchase a Re-Flash. Please see the Re-Flash page on this web site for more information. Baseline Suspension Set-up Bring in your road bike, race bike, dirt bike, or trail bike and have us give you the best starting point for your suspension custom made for you, the equipment you have, and the style of riding you do.
Dyno Tuning We can Dyno tune your bike or simply give it a run to see the baseline performance. The Dyno can also be used to evaluated and diagnose running issues with your motorcycle. We recommend all bikes with Power Commanders to be custom tuned to match your motorcycle's equipment. We can provide the service to make the custom map for you and your bike. Whether you are going for optimal fuel efficiency or performance we have you covered. Also being a Dynojet approved center if you purchase your Power Commander from us, we will install it for free. Carb Mod We can get that little bit more and smoother more powerful ride our of your dirt bike. Whether you are racing or riding the trail, let us optimize your bike to take you anywhere you need to go.
Pick-Up and Drop Off Don't have a truck or trailer? Is your bike not running so no way to get it to our shop for repairs. No need to worry any longer. We have a pick-up service for you. Call and schedule a pick-up, drop-off, or both and we will come pick up your bike. No need to be home as long as the vehicle is accessible. We can pick-up any motorcycle or ATV, for any other vehicle call and ask, we may be able to accomodate. Race Bike Set-up If you are new to racing at the club level or a professional racer we can help set up your bike and get it ready for competition. Services may include drilling safety wire holes, safety wiring, oil and filter change, fluids change, radiator flushing and fluids replacement, race bodywork installation, removal of street only items (headlights, turn signals, horn, etc.), and much more.
    Road Racing Motor Builds: We offer three basic levels, stock motor re-fresh, FX motor build, and Superbike motor build from the most basic to the skies the limit. Stock Motor Refresh: clean up your stock motor and keep it stock but with a fresh feel to it. This can include all new OEM parts or OEM replacement parts, cleaning and resurfacing the head, new gaskets, clutch plate replacement, and transmission replacement. All motors and budgets are different and could require different things so the price will vary between motors even of the same make year and model of another. FX Motor Build: this is the widest range in motor build. This is a build to gain performance and horsepower from your motor. This can include head gasket replacement, new transmission with REM service, new racing ACG, new clutch or clutch plates, honing and boring of heads, new pistons, cams, and valves for enhanced performance. This build will make your motor non-stock and not competitive in the stock racing classess. Make sure to consult the rule books of the organizations you are racing with to inform us of the degree and legal changes that can be made to the motor. The price varies widely depending on build amount. Superbike Build: This is the highest degree of build and the most expensive. This is the build designed to get the most performance out or your motor. Everything in the motor is analyzed and modified or built to create the ultimate race motor for your bike. Price varies widely. Motocross Engine Builds: Everything from freshening up your motor to reset the clock to fully modified for optimal performance. We can build your Supermoto, Supercross, Outdoor Motocross, Desert, Flat Track bikes, or give your current motor a new breath of life. Don't see the service you were looking for? Bet we can do it! Call 805-482-4192 or email