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Ohlins Advanced Suspension Technology MX Vintage

Product Description

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Back to the roots. It was in Motocross it all started almost 40 years ago. With the vintage MX scene being more and more popular Öhlins of course offers shock absorber options for the Vintage MX Racers. Description The Öhlins Vintage shock absorbers are available in different length and strokes and both with and without piggyback nitrogen reservoirs. They are based on the proven and popular Öhlins STX single tube technology. Both shock absorber types are available with an external one-way adjustment, primarily for rebound but also affecting compression, as well as mechanical adjustment for spring preload. These shock absorbers fits most vintage MX and road racing bikes using twin shocks. Features • Piggyback version or internal dividing piston version separating nitrogen gas and oil • Available with or without external rebound/compression adjuster • Different spring rates available


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