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Ohlins Advanced Suspension Technology TTX22

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Never mind the outside ... it's the inside that counts. True for the universal MX cartridge kit with the powerful TTX technology. Description If you want to keep your front fork legs but still upgrade to Öhlins TTX, just pull out the standard inserts and pop in this powerful TTX22 cartridge kit from Öhlins R&D. The same kit that is fitted in the Öhlins Front Fork is based on the Öhlins TTX-technology is also available as a stand-alone cartridge kit for all major models. The TTX technology brings a positive pressure balance in the system, thanks to the twin tube technology. The gas pressurized dividing piston inside pushes the hydraulic fluid back into the low pressure side and the end result is better improved performance and no more cavitation. The kit is lighter thanks to an 8 mm steel hollow shaft and the main piston diameter is 22 mm. All other details are made in aluminum. Settings are constantly improved and a new one-way rebound valve was recently introduced which improves the performance and gives better front wheel control. Available for most major models on the market. Features • Cartridge kit with patented TTX design • Gas pressurized damping system for immediate damping response • Easy installation in OE front forks • External compression adjuster • External rebound adjuster • Improved hydraulic stops to improve bottoming resistance • Springs ordered separately to suit riders choice of rate • New top out rubber for smoother top out feeling • Available for all major MX and Enduro models


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